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Congressman Randy Hultgren

Representing the 14th District of ILLINOIS

House Votes to REIN in Presidential Overreach, Stop Oppressive Regulations on Small Business

Jan 5, 2017
Press Release
Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act Includes Provisions of Hultgren Bill to Sunset Unnecessary Rules

Washington, DC — U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today supported House passage of the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, H.R. 26, to ensure the American people and their representatives have a say in any new major rules federal agencies aim to place on American manufacturers and small businesses. An amendment to the bill includes elements of his own legislation, the Regulatory Review and Sunset Act, to establish procedures for agencies and Congress to comprehensively review existing federal rules and sunset unnecessary rules.

“Illinois’ businesses small, medium and large are struggling under the heavy weight of major regulations that are passed without their consent or input. It’s time the people had a voice again,” said Rep. Hultgren. “The REINS Act is based on a simple principle: Congress should have the power to stop unelected bureaucrats from making major economic rules that hinder growth without the say of the American people. The legislation will give our job creators certainty and confidence, allowing them to grow and hire more workers.

“I am also pleased the House passed elements of my own legislation to require the review of existing regulations to identify those in need of repeal. I look forward to President-Elect Trump signing this important piece of legislation into law.”

  • Federal government regulations pose enormous burdens and cost on Americans—$1.88 trillion in 2014 according to one study.
  • Many large regulations—which in many cases exceed projected costs—force businesses to spend time and money on compliance rather than raising wages or creating more job opportunities. Since 2009, more than 200 major rules—those having an annual effect of $100 million or more—have been handed down by the President’s administration with estimated implementation costs in the billions of dollars.
  • A Wells Fargo/Gallup poll of small businesses found that 72 percent believed federal regulations were hurting their operating environment.

In response to this growing regulatory burden, the REINS Act:

  • Requires agencies to submit major regulations to Congress for approval.
  • Guarantees no major regulation becomes effective until Congress approves it.
  • Guarantees fast up or down votes on major rules—Congress must act within 70 legislative days.
  • Guarantees that accountability for imposing the heaviest burdens on America’s economy falls where it should—with the people’s elected representatives in Congress.

Representative Hultgren has regularly supported bills that seek to free Americans from government regulation and increase accountability in the law making process. In the 114th Congress, Rep. Hultgren:

  • Supported the REINS Act which passed with bipartisan support 243-165.
  • Introduced his own bill, the Regulatory Review and Sunset Act, which establishes a process by which federal agencies can “sunset” obsolete, duplicative and conflicting regulations that weigh on American businesses and families. He plans to reintroduce this bill early in the 115th Congress.
  • Supported H.R. 4956, the End Executive Overreach Act, which would restrict federal funds from being used to carry out an executive order issued after the act.
  • Supported House passage of the Midnight Rules Relief Act to restore the authority of the people's representatives to overturn midnight regulations before they can have a negative impact on our economy. It's the temptation of outgoing presidential administrations to rush to complete high-cost or politically-driven regulations, called “Midnight Rules,” as they head out the door.